Accounting services

  • Preparation of an accounting policy and own chart of accounts in accordance with your business needs for start-up companies;
  • Verification and analysis of accountancy when accepting the company’s documentation for developed business;
  • Ongoing processing and settlement of accountancy under national or international accounting standards;
  • Data processing using an accounting product with an option for electronic information exchange;
  • Keeping of inventory;
  • Preparation of a stock book, accounting and tax amortization plan;
  • Tracking of turnover for mandatory registration under the VATA, preparation of required documents for registration, and registering;
  • Monthly preparation and submission of a Declaration report under the Value Added Tax Act, as well as all other declarations associated with electronic VAT refunds;
  • Preparation and submission of Intrastat declarations;
  • Preparation and submission of VIES declarations;
  • Preparation of interim financial statements;
  • Preparation and submission of annual financial statements;
  • Preparation and submission of consolidated annual financial statements;
  • Preparation of annual tax returns;
  • Preparation and submission of annual statistics forms for the National Statistics Institute;
  • Preparation of declarations and reports for the BNB;
  • Verification and certification of annual financial statements by a certified public accountant.

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